COMING SOON, Milio Games, Milio Marketplace, Milio OnDemand and Milio Social Where Users Are Rewarded


Introducing Milio™, a social media platform that rewards creators and users alike for sharing content


Here's a recap of the launch event!



Milio OnDemand, where members can watch recorded videos and full feature films for FREE.
Note: Take images from www.itnfilms.net


Professional Tools

Creators can authenticate their content with ERC721 non-fungible tokens in the future

Global Distribution

Creators can sell their work for RightsTokens or MilioTokens to distributors around the world - digital currency for digital content

Digital Content

Supported digital content will initially include video and music, but will expand in the future to include NFTs!



Ray Young
The RightsLedger team has decades of combined experience providing technology solutions to the media and entertainment industry. In 1998, Ray Young founded WebConcepts to revolutionize worldwide physical video distribution. They built innovative software solutions for media companies including Paramount Pictures, Disney, and Sony Entertainment.
Puthkiry Kim
Puthkiry Kim cofounded IDEALINK Consulting Ltd., now IG Tech Group, back in 2012, following 12 years working in operations, logistic and human resources management, business development and performance management including Coca Cola, Sabco, and Levi Strauss (Hong Kong). In 2018, Puthkiry Kim joined Ray Young and co-founded Rights Ledger Global and helped set up our innovation center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where he manages a group of highly skilled developers with blockchain expertise.
Oropesa Torres
Oropesa closely works with Raymond in managing the social media platforms for RTK and MIL. She provides the hands-on managerial backbone in ensuring that RightsLedger Philippines Inc. (“RightsLedger PH”) ascribes to global expansion plans for RTK and MIL.
Chhaypor Lim
Chhaypor bring with him over 13 years professional hands-on experience in IT project management, customer relationship management, support and development team management specializing in banking, financial and mobile payment applications. Now he is applying his experiences to help RightsLedger create next generation of secure content distribution and monetization apps using blockchain and crypto currency.
Michael Brown, CPA, EA, PFS, CFE
Michael is a practicing Certified Public Accountant and California Registered Investment Advisor with more than 30 years of experience in financial services. He founded Michael Miller Brown & Co., has previous experience at KPMG, and served on multiple boards of directors and as President for several Chambers of Commerce.
Brandyn Young
Brandyn leads business development, corporate and product strategy at RightsLedger. His focus spans from ideation to planning and forecasting of new and existing products and services, as well as driving growth through establishing partnerships and acquisition of users and content. He has experience working in equity research, financial analysis and trading at Roth Capital Partners, Harvey & Co., and Mihaylo Capital Management (CSUF).
Amber Young
Amber brings digital marketing experiences with Fox Theater and Live Nation in Hollywood to help put RightsLedger Milio on the social media map. She was well recognized for her work among her peers as 2014 AMA Conference Finalist for Marketing Strategy, 2013-2014 AMA Platinum Merit, 2013-2014 AMA Bronze Chapter Award, 2013-2014 Honorable Mention for AMA Collegiate Case Competition.
Luke Okeke
Operating Independently for Milio in Nigeria, Luke has experience in networking industry, 19 years as certified media practitioner, ordained minister and missionary. His focus spans from ideation to planning and forecasting of new and existing products and services, as well as driving growth of RightsLedger Milio through establishing strategic partnerships and acquisition of users and content in Nigeria and Africa.


Thien A. Pham
Mr. Pham is a producer/director with specialized experience in over 15 different languages and markets. He is the founder and partner of several global-focused film and media production and distribution companies.
Stuart Alson
Stuart is the CEO and President of ITN Distribution, Inc., a leading independent film distribution company which is known to buyers worldwide and has established itself as a major player in the world of film distribution.
Mary Juetten
Mary is passionate about small business success, particularly the identification and protection of IP rights for inventors, artists, and business owners. She has extensive experience as a software company CEO (Traklight.com) and an international speaker and author.
Dr. Kirsten Rolling
Kirsten brings 25 years of healthcare expertise spanning research, compliance, regulation, education, policy, and public health administration and as an innovator/CEO of an online continuing education platform, she achieved global accreditation.
Thomas Wang
Thomas founded Cenwood Communication in Hong Kong.  Within 5 years of operations, he helped guide Cenwood to become one of the largest recycled mobile phone processors and distributors in the world with operations in Asia, North American and Middle East.
Jay Ennesser
Jay was the Vice President, Enterprise for IBM – Southwest Business Unit responsible for a $1B quota. He was responsible for integrating Team IBM around the local marketplace with a focus on new client acquisition. His focused on improving the client experience, accelerating growth, and enabling better employee experience through online communications will help RightLedger manage exponential growth.


GCash is a Philippine mobile payments service owned and operated by Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc. (doing business as Mynt), and operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary, G-Xchange, Inc. As of May 2023, GCash claims to have 81 million active users and 2.5 million sellers and merchants across the Philippines.
AyudaPay is a financial services provider in Philippines offering debit card for consumers and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for merchants accepting credit and debit cards payments in the local currency.
eMonix Corporation
eMonix Corporation is a Philippine corporation established in 2017, together with its affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns and partners, is a Financial Service Provider which developed and maintained Operator of Payment System (“OPS”) networks in territories worldwide. As such, eMonix is a Principal Member Acquirer of UnionPay International, Diners Club International, and Discover Global Network. Emonix is currently operating as a certified multi-solutions Software-as-a-Service Company (SaaS Company), which from a pure payment technology and management services perspective complies with global payment processing standards.
Sunrise Seagull Productions
3388 Films is a production, post-production and distribution company with proven experience in more than 20 different markets & languages, and specialized in Asian and Southeast Asian media and film content. We are a champion of underrepresented and underserved independent and international content creators. Our mission is to create with intention and to connect diverse media & film content to global audiences.
ITN Studios
ITN Studios independently produces high quality genre films around the world. We're always looking for talented and creative production teams to work with. If you and your team fit that description, feel free to reach out! Otherwise, go ahead and browse our full catalog
EndPoint Global
EndPoint Global is a fintech service provider offering an alternative financial management platform for crypto and traditional currencies combined with concierge services enhancing your purchasing power by up to 30% on travel, shopping and lifestyle experiences. The EndPoint Platform unites the people of the world on a private financial network creating endless possibilities.
Jungo is an international streaming media company based in the United States. With 2 billion monthly views and 300 million active users, they are a market leader in creating passion-centric and international language verticals. Their offerings include digital-first TV channels, video on demand, and streaming apps, featuring thousands of hours of content across mobile, web, and connected devices.
St. John Bosco Parish, Tondo, Manila, Philippines
St. John Bosco Parish, one of The Don Bosco TVET Training center is open for all deserving students across the Philippines. With 18 training centers throughout the archipelago, qualified students can choose their preferred Don Bosco TVET Training branch. Don Bosco scholarship is an absolute necessity for the youth belonging to families in the poverty threshold who yearn for quality education. Our partners companies will gain an early opportunity to select from the best up-and-coming trainees.
VIP Payment Center
VIP PAYMENT Center, A Leading Payment Center Franchise Opportunity. VIP PAYMENT CENTER is growing to become one of the country’s most popular home-based or store-based Payment Center solution provider. Barangay Banking is the main campaign of ACM Business Solutions INC. – the company behind VIP PAYMENT CENTER. The company is focused on helping to educate and permanently reduce the 77% unbanked and unserved sector in the Philippines. They do so by bringing financial services like EMI Products or Bank Products closer to the community. ACM’s Payment Center Business provides a powerful platform that can help communities to ease their access to the remittances market and payment of bills. ACM’s mission is to place 42,000 VIP Payment Center branches nationwide over the next 5 years.




RightsLedger Philippines is working with Milio Care Foundation and World United Tribal Group of Philippines
on a humanitarian program to provide assistance to the people of the Philippines to reduce poverty.